How Is Christopher Columbus Selfish

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Christopher Columbus was a spanish explorer who was determined to find a water route between Europe and Asia. He made 4 trips across the Atlantic in search for that route. On one of those trips, Columbus accidentally discovered the New World. He didn’t technically “discover” the New World, but his journey began the colonization and exploration of this land. This all began when Columbus had an idea. He believed that if he sailed west across the Atlantic, the journey would be way easier than traveling around the African continent. During that time, explorers would travel sail south along the West African coast because it was too dangerous to travel by land. Columbus shared his theory to wealthy Portuguese and English nobles. None of them wanted to hear him out until one lucky day the Spanish monarchs Ferdinand …show more content…

Columbus’s main goal was to become wealthy and famous. The
Spanish rulers wanted to spread Catholicism across the globe, so they granted him a contract and 3 ships. These three ships were later then named the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. After getting granted these ships, Columbus set out on his adventure, After sailing for a long time, he finally landed on a Bahamian island. For months he sailed from island to island in search of riches and gold. On March 1493, Columbus decided to leave 40 men in a settlement in Hispaniola. He told the men to govern the settlement until he came back from spain. Columbus later returned and found the settlement destroyed. He then left his brothers behind to rebuild the settlement which was ruined. From there he sailed

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