How Is Cimorene Justified In Dealing With Dragon

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In the novel Dealing With Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede, Cimorene of the kingdom of Linderwall is tired of her routine life of a princess. Cimorene was justified in ignoring the expected social norms of the medieval society because she wanted to be emancipated from them. Firstly, her decisions were not respected by her parents. Secondly, her life was overly controlled by her father and her life was already planned out for her, and finally she was not able to live the lavish life of a princess because of her unprincess-like features. Cimorene never really had any control over her life, as she already had it planned out for her. Cimorene somewhat felt as if her father had put her in manacles. In the Medieval Ages if Cimorene did not follow her father's instructions, her father could put her to an ominous death. For example in the text, it stated that , “ ‘But I don’t want to marry Prince Therandil” Cimorene would say. Although she resisted, her father said “Well, it’s not exactly a brilliant match,... but I didn’t think you’d care how big his kingdom is...” (pg.7). Since Cimorene’s father emphasized that Cimorene should marry Prince…show more content…
In the heat of the moment Cimorene felt like she wanted to make modifications in her life. For example the text states, “ ‘Then I won’t get married at all’, Cimorene said”, then it says that both her parents looked slightly shocked. Then her parents both said, “ ‘my dear Cimorene!... That’s out of the question, you’re a princess; it simply isn’t done (pg.7) The text also states that “her parents were quite sure that no prince would want to marry a girl who could look him in the eye instead of gazing up at him becomingly through her lashes” (pg.2). In conclusion, Cimorene’s unprincess-like behavior could never get her by in a world that was run on the medieval social
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