How Is Cimorene Justified In Dealing With Dragons

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In the Novel Dealing with Dragons,by Patricia C. Wrede, the main character Is Cimorene. I know cimorene hated Linderwall she did not care for it because it kept her Cimorene frustrated by her life and persuades the castle staff to teach her fencing, magic, cooking, Latin, and other interesting subjects.Cimorene tries magic and it’s a fireproof spell that she would use It if kazul tries to blow fire and sure enough kazul blew fire he got cimorene and it worked but kazul almost died because it let out a bad chemical.’’Cimorene is justified because I in the text shouldn't be a princess .Another thing cimorene not a princess by because she doesn’t really do what princess do.Cimorene is justified in ignoring the expected social norms of her day Additionally Cimorene made her Choice to become a dragon's princess due to her uncomfortable situation at home.Her choice to become a dragon’s princess is a fitting occupation,for someone of her position,and yet her non-traditional personality. Justified Cimorene was frustrated because she did not like Linderwall yet she is not act like a princess.the main…show more content…
Cimorene really loves Linderwall also cimorene would really want to be saved by a prince.Also Cimorene she really acts like a princess she does what a princess does .’’I hate Linderwall’’.Cimorene really loves what Linderwall does like.fencing, magic, cooking, Latin, and other interesting subjects.Another thing she want to get saved by prince .My opinion is that in the story she does not act like a princess other people may think she is acting like a princess because In the text she doesn’t want to be saved by a
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