How Is Cimorene Like Being A Dragon

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In the novel Dealing With Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede, the main character Cimorene, does not act like a normal princess, instead she likes being a dragon’s princess. She also ran away from home and therefore she does not want to be rescued by any prince. She did not like being a proper princess. Cimorene didn’t like where she was because she does not like the rules and the duties of being a princess. Cimorene is justified in ignoring the expected social norms of her day, because she didn’t like what princesses did, she only liked her own way. Additionally Cimorene made her choice to become a dragon’s princess due to her uncomfortable situation at home. Her choice to become a dragon’s princess is a fitting occupation for someone of her position, and yet her non-traditional personality.…show more content…
She didn’t think that was the life she wanted to live. Evidence from the text, Cimorene does not like to act like a normal princess because Therandil has been trying to rescue her, and she said,” What are you doing here, I told you I wasn’t going to be ready to be rescued for at least a month!”(pg. 114).This shows that Cimorene was comfortable where she was, staying with the dragon, Kazul. Also that, she likes being his princess and he likes being her dragon. Cimorene states that she is feeling happier than she had in a long time. Also, a knight said, “ If you are Cimorene I’ve come to rescue you from the dragon,” “ I thought that might be it, but I’d rather not be rescued, thank you just the same.” “ Not be rescued? But princesses always--”(pg. 25). Some may say that Cimorene does act like a princess, because whenever she introduces herself she says, “ Hi I’m Princess Cimorene,” she says it loud and proud. In conclusion, Cimorene did not like acting like a
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