How Is Compassion Shown In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Compassion is a theme that is demonstrated in many different ways throughout the book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Compassion is represented by people who are looked down upon within a community in both the book and today. Jem shows compassion in the novel when he recognizes the unfairness of Tom Robinson’s verdict just because the color of his skin. Atticus expresses compassion for Mrs. Dubose who has a hard time controlling her actions because of her disability. Also, Scout demonstrates compassion for Boo Radley who is an outcast of society because of rumors spread about him.
Atticus expresses compassion in To Kill a Mockingbird by acknowledging that Mrs. Dubose cannot control her actions even though she is very mean to his children. After Atticus finds out what Jem has done to her camellias, he shows compassion towards Mrs Dubose by talking to Jem about how what he did “to an old lady was inexcusable” (128). Mrs. Dubose struggled to control her morphine addiction before she passed away, causing her to act mean and aggressive towards Atticus and his children. Atticus wants his children to understand that some people cannot control their actions even though the reason is not apanent. He tries to teach them that treating people with compassion will result in the greater good. If the place where the bullying takes place does not have high …show more content…

The novel can relate to relevant examples in today 's society. Compassion for police brutality against blacks is displayed by a movement called black lives matter. Compassion is also shown towards the homeless population of the United States who are accused of false rumors, turning people away from their true character. Finally, people give the advice to treat bullies about compassion rather than to fight with them. Although there is some compassion in modern day society, more compassion needs to be shown to really have

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