How Is Creon Responsible In Antigone

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Hubris was King Creon’s downfall for himself and his family because he was unable to see his responsibility towards his family. Antigone, King Creon’s niece and king of Thebes, was sent to death for giving her brother an honest burial against King Creon’s wishes. Haemon disagreed with this ruling, and King Creon was set on teaching Haemon, King Creon’s son as well as Antigone’s fiance, a lesson about obedience. Creon stated that “He whom the State appoints must be obeyed / To the smallest matter, be it right - or wrong.” King Creon is saying that everyone must listen to the king, no matter what. He is ignoring his duty to his family by both not allowing a burial for his nephew as well as sending one of his own family to die, letting his pride excessive pride in himself show. King Creon was too prideful to be responsible towards his own family.…show more content…
During this same conversation, Haemon argues that the people of Thebes themselves do not like the order for Antigone to die. King Creon quickly refutes that “[he is] king, and responsible only to [himself.]” King Creon believes that he only needs to worry about himself. This shows that King Creon did not realize his full responsibility as king, both to his family and his people. King Creon was too prideful, and did not realize that he must honor the dead, and that he cannot kill his own family for doing it for him. His pride leads to not only Antigone’s death, but also to those around him whom he loves, and eventually himself. King Creon was unable to see his duty towards his family due to his exorbitant amount of pride, leading to the death of his loved

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