How Is Curley's Wife Presented In Of Mice And Men

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1. In the novel Of Mice and Men, it strongly sets a devastating scene towards the end, yet what was done was necessary. As Lenny sits in the barn staring at the dead pup he did not mean to kill, Curley’s wife comes in and sympathises with Lenny. Although Curley’s wife is beautiful and young, she is naive and dangerous as George knew from the beginning. As Lenny and Curley’s wife connect deeply, she lets him touch her soft hair; however, Lennie would not let go. Although Lenny is such a soft gentle man, he often becomes confused and frightened and is unable to control the illness embedded within his mind. When Curley’s wife screeches and shouts when Lenny will not let go of her hair, he shakes her violently to make her stop, yet he does
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