How Is Daisy Learned In The Great Gatsby

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Ava Mendoza Mrs. Frazier Great Gatsby Essay 4/18/23 Learning Through Gatsby It could be possible that many people who read The Great Gatsby in the 1920’s learned from all of the chaos that F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote in his novel. Some lessons are, money can’t buy you happiness, it's hard to let go of the past, and nothing ends well with assumptions. Many of the characters portrayed different personalities that many people would see as evil. Daisy was first shown as a very lovely girl with a beautiful face, but in the end is corrupt. Tom Buccanan, Daisy's husband, was shown as a jerk throughout the whole novel. Gatsby was a man full of hope but harshfully realizes you can't change the past to the present. Nick had no idea what he was getting into when socializing with all these unprincipled people. …show more content…

Gatsby knew without money Daisy would never take him back. He thought his only choice was to throw incredible parties and show off his wealth. “I think he half expected her to wander into one of his parties, some night” (63). With these parties he hoped to one day see Daisy again. Which he did, with the help of Nick. In the end Daisy would never get back with Gatsby because of Tom. Tom called out Gatsby for being a bootlegger and ruined the chance of them ever getting back together. Daisy is shown as corrupt when even though she saw Gatsby trying so hard she would never get back with him just because of

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