Exemplification Essay: Democracy Is A Political System

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Democracy is a political system which, at its core, enshrines the public sovereignty through the representative mechanism. In democracy, political representation by popular vote is a source of the political legitimacy on which the government practice the state power. As always, we have learnt about “power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely” , say Lord Acton , we , in democracies , need to set up control mechanism over usage of power . On the other hand, the government can do nothing for the people without having considerable powers such as taxation, law makings, law enforcement and probing social and political issues and the likes . In concept of Democracy, the power must be limited and put under “check and balance” mechanism. In tradition of the democratic governance, there are two main systems of the government – the presidential system and the parliamentary system. In the presidential system, the political…show more content…
In this case, the parliamentary task is to make approval for the government needs and wants. Therefore, lilke I described on the above, presidential system is better than parliamentary system even there is no perfect system for democracy in the world because presidentail system is more substianable and concrete than parliamentary system for the democracy as there have strong checks and balances system and one of department cannot be over control, it is fair and equal system for the public. I belive the presidentail system , even though having some problems within , can assist a state building process towards a postive direction by installation of the effective check and balance mechnism
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