How Is Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Alike

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Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde are very different people in many ways. Such as being mentally, physically, and morally different people. I will be explaining these differences from my point of view throughout this essay. Mentally Dr.Jekyll is a much more sane, and regular person than Mr.Hyde in the way he acts. He didn 't shut himself off from the world unlike Mr.Hyde. Who stayed in his room all hours of the day and would sleep in a cabinet. Only talking to people when he needed them to get something for him. Mr.Hyde also in a fit of rage and anger killed Sir Danvers Carew which showed he couldn 't control himself, and his emotions. But Dr.Jekyll is sort of insane too because he created Mr.Hyde as a sort out source for his craziness, so he wouldn 't get blamed for the things he did as…show more content…
Physically Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde are drastically different. Dr.Jekyll is described to the the reader as "a large, well made, smooth faced man of fifty, with something of a slyish cast" its also said he has a handsome face . So from this description he sounds like a regular person doesn 't really stand out and is handsome. Whilst Mr.Hyde is described as being a short fat man, and looks deformed. No one explains how he looks deformed its just that he is, and everyone agrees on it. He 's also described as being evil looking, and gives off a evil vibe. Morally both Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde are terrible people. My reasoning behind Dr.Jekyll having terrible morals is that he creates Mr.Hyde so he can do evil and cruel things, and not have to pay the price for doing these things. Mr.Hyde is everything Dr.Jekyll can 't be as a respected doctor. Mr.Hyde basically has the same terrible morals as Dr.Jekyll because he is just doing the things Dr.Jekyll can 't. That 's how I think Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde are the same but also very different mentally, physically, and morally, and my reasoning behind why I
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