How Is Dystopian Society Similar To Modern Society

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Prompt 1: Society

Dystopian societies have been compared to our society today, and it’s come to find out that they are very similar, yet very different. Laws and regulations have been made that society does not agree with completely leading them to rebel and act against it. Sometimes people can not stand to live like this, causing them to commit suicide and disobey, knowing the consequences that come with the risk. The dystopian society in Fahrenheit 451 has similarities and differences when compared to modern day society; because the rules they have to follow are the exact opposite of ours.

One of the similarities between these societies is the banning of books. Back in the 1600’s books were banned in the US due to the content within the pages. Many of the messages in books have been misinterpreted and misjudged causing them to be censored. An interview by the PBS Newshour of newsela writes, “Is there ever a cause for
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Jay Asher answers this question by saying, “No because every reader is different. There’s no book that’s inappropriate for every person, but there are people who cannot handle everything.” Nobody will have the same mindset about everything and people need to understand this. According to Ray Bradbury on page 2 of Fahrenheit 451 it reads, “While the books went up in sparkling whirls and blew away on a wind, they turned dark with burning.” Firemen in this society burn books to keep people from reading the knowledge inside. They do not want people to think about life and the regulations they have to follow. People don’t have the right to be free and think on their own. Bradbury also states on page 81, “I can get books.’ ‘You’re running a risk.’ ‘That’s the good part of
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