How Is Ed Boone A Hero

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Ed Boone is the antagonist in the novel called the curious incident of the dog in the night-time. Does him being the antagonist make him the villain in this novel. Christopher John Francis Boone, Ed’s son started thinking he was the bad guy from the second half of the book since he found out that his father lied to him about his mother 's death and from everything Christopher tells us about his father, he does seem like a bad guy. But then again are things always as they seem? In the beginning of the novel after Christopher got arrested and is dad came to get him. Ed started yelling at the police, he was saying things like “I want to see my son” and “Why the hell is the locked up and “of course I’m bloody angry” (p.16). After he finished yelling. Christopher doesn 't like being touched or hugged, so they have a way to show one another that they love each other, it 's their fingers spread ritual, which is spreading their hands in a fan and then touching each other’s fingers, Christopher knows that it means I love you. That 's the first thing Ed did when Christopher got out of the cell. Also Ed deserves sympathy because he is a single father taking care of a child with autism, which is hard and running his own business. Most of the time he is really sweet to Christopher. In spite of that Christopher doesn’t acknowledge it whatsoever. Even his ex wife Judy praised him for being an amazing…show more content…
In conclusion, Ed Boone loved his son so much that words could not describe it. He didn’t mean to upset Christopher he was just trying to protect him, and to him if it meant lying to his son he took the chance cause one thing I learned about Ed Boone is that he would do anything for his son and everything that happened was because he was scared of losing Christopher and in the end he almost did. However he couldn 't let that happen, Ed was not going to let go years of becoming familiar with and taking care of Christopher and has started restoring his relationship with his
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