Daisy's Idealism In The Great Gatsby

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The tragic flaw that causes the hero’s fall is also a custom to the story of the tragic hero, this is known traditionally as a harmantia. Eddie Carbone’s harmantia lies in his denial to accept his incestuous attraction for his niece Catherine. Due to a suppression of his unnatural desire, Carbone now feels that he is justifiable in his struggle against Rodolpho. It may even be possible that Eddie has managed to convince himself that his objections to his niece’s marriage is purely innocent and is just out of worry, however “it becomes clear to everyone but Eddie that his own motives have more to do with lust than with law and order” (Charles McNulty). If Eddie was able to acknowledge unreasonable desires it is possible that he could have…show more content…
Gatsby's idealism also blinds him to how Daisy really acts and what her personality is like shown in the colour and name imagery of the novel. Throughout the novel white is used as imagery for pure and innocent, while yellow represents corruption. A daisy has white petals and a yellow center, this imagery form Fitzgerald shows how Gatsby perceives Daisy. All he sees is a beautiful, loving woman who loves him back and he cannot see past his own idealistic view of the perfect Daisy to the corrupt, shallow, money-loving Daisy. Another example of Gatsby's overwhelming idealism is his own self perception. Gatsby thinks as long as he surrounds himself with riches and the wealthy, that people will accept him and he can erase Gatz, the poor farm boy. This shows his idealism because no matter what a person does, their past will always exist. Later in the novel when Nick is reflecting on Gatsby's idea of Daisy he notes, "He wanted nothing less of Daisy than that she should go to Tom and say: 'I never loved you.'" This idea is not a realistic expectation because Daisy is already married and has a child to take care of; also her religion prevents her from getting a divorce and marrying him. All these are factors block Gatsby from obtaining his ideal dream, but he seems to be blind to
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