How Is Ezinma Like Okonkwo

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“Ekwefi believed deep inside her that Ezinma had come to stay.” (Achebe 80). Ezinma was a blessing to both Ekwefi and to Okonkwo. She was expected to live for very long but she did and grew up to be a beautiful young woman. Ezinma was a blessing to them both. She had some aspect of her father but the kind heart and strength of her mother. As the book goes on, we see that Ezinma usually has a strong sense of confidence that many other girls don 't have. We also see in the book that Okonkwo wishes that Ezinma was a man. She was many qualities of a man and many qualities of her father. Ezinma often lashed out like Okonkwo. Her father would often be scolded for showing her “manly” qualities. “Sit like a woman!” (Achebe 44). Okonkwo 's idea of…show more content…
As the british came into the picture, Okonkwo and his family were in his 7 years of exile. Many people loved Ezinma. Many people also wanted to marry her. She was the most beautiful woman in the motherland. “His future sons-in-law would be men of authority in the clan. The poor and unknown would not dare to come forth” (Achebe 173). Okonkwo knew that she was a wonderful young women. We continue to hear from him that he wishes that she was a man. “She understood things so perfectly. Who else among his children could have read his thoughts so well?” (Achebe 173). He loved his daughter very much he just wanted her to be a man. They could have a better relationship because of it. He says it so often because Okonkwo could see the good side of him in Ezinma. She was his better half. Ezinma went with the flow during the change. She was respected by everyone and also loved by everyone. When she comes back to Umuofia she is quickly proposed to and gets married. Ezinma actually ends up being like her father more at the end. She becomes more like a traditionalist like her father. Reading the book I would have figured that Ezinma would have been the one that sway from tradition but we see that Nwoye is actually the one that completely goes away from tradition and basically everything that Okonkwo was…show more content…
Ezinma was a blessing to both her mother and father.. She had some aspect of her father but the kind heart and strength of her mother. We just saw how Ezinma evolved throughout the book. As things fell apart around her, she didn’t lose her strength and confidence. Although she was wished that she was a man, she was very respected for being a woman and she in a way made a name for herself and didn 't let anyone stop her from doing that. As the book went on, we saw how she was not like the other women in Umuofia besides her mother. She had a backbone unlike most women at this time. I think that Chinua Achebe decided to include Ezinma because she did basically what she was going to do in the book. She had a backbone and was not like everyone else. Ezinma was the constant in this book. She always stayed true to herself and never let anyone try to take her down. She stood her own ground. She did let others influence her just like how Okonkwo did not want the British to influence him and his people. He fought back. The theme of “Things Fall Apart” can be tied to our society by saying the we can 't let cultures from all around the world clash like we do. We need to respect all the other cultures and give them a chance. We can 't all be like the british and just force our beliefs onto others. People will believe what they want to, unless you are like most of the villages like Umuofia. They need to be willing to change or else things will fall
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