How Is Fahrenheit 451 Relevant Today

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The school believes that fiction and novels doesn't have place in the curriculum, I believe they do have in place in curriculum.There is many fiction and novels have themes or conflicts that is relevant today for example, a book called All American Boys addresses problems like discrimination and prejudice. Another great book I’m reading is call Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury where is set in the 1950s were the main character burns books to protect sanity and comfort of his community. In Fahrenheit 451 in addresses problems like censorship and conformity that is relevant today. Fiction and novels should have place in the curriculum they have themes and conflicts is relevant to the world readers just needs to pay close attention to …show more content…

For example, the first page of the book it talks about how the Montag is taking great pleasure burning buildings full of books and judging by that the main character has been doing this for a long time. The author of the book is trying to make us understand that Montag is alright with burning books like there nothing wrong with it. This related to my thesis because what Montag doing is censoring all those books and he's alright with it. Later on in the book Montag starts collecting books from what is left after he burn the building. Montag collection of books gets bigger, so what the author is telling us he is stealing legally own books. This part of the book is relate to my thesis because Montag is stealing books and still consider censorship. This book is great example why fiction and novels should be in the …show more content…

Montag is worried that books can lead to social and economic change. Author is trying to tell us Montag is trying to tell us that Montag is burning books to protect his community. This is relevant to my thesis because it is the same like the article “No Laughing Matter” how the communist party is doing the same thing Fahrenheit 451. As you get into the book Montag realizes he focus more into burning whats going outside in the world. The author is trying to tell us that Montag doesn’t care what's happening out in the world even though it is the Cold War. This related to my thesis what Montag is doing is related to conformity doesn’t care what is happening in the world.This is why fiction and novels should be in the curriculum it addresses problems like

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