How Is Fahrenheit 451 Relevant Today

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The 1950’s in America was a period of the economy booming. There were many fruits of this prosperity-new cars, suburban houses, and many consumer goods were available to more people than ever before. However, the 1950’s were also a time of great conflict. For example, the crusade against communism, the Civil Rights Movement and war created fear in the American people. In the book Fahrenheit 451, the author Ray Bradbury creates a society where he shows future readers the unfortunate times during the the 1950’s. In today’s society, television, schools, sociality, and money have reflected the predictions that Bradbury made in Fahrenheit 451 about the effects of not reading. To begin, technology and schools have changed dramatically since the …show more content…

Sociality in Fahrenheit 451 is unimportant to the society. Families aren’t communicating because of the advancements in technology and the fact that books are banned. Mildred asks, “Did you see that Clara Dove five- minute romance last night in your wall?” (Bradbury 95). If family and friends are being social with each other, the only topic of conversation is the latest show on their parlor walls. The world we live in today is very similar to the society in the book. An example would be having a talk show about the latest episode of “The Walking Dead” and the craziest part of it is that the producers make money based on the amount viewers! Money in the 1950s was considered as something you could use but pay for it later (also known as credit). Many americans were so fascinated with that concept that they put just about everything on credit cards. Mildred states in Fahrenheit 451, “ It’s only two-thousand dollars.” (Bradbury 20.) Montag’s wife’s disposition shows that she clearly does not have the concept of money grasped.. Money in today’s society takes over people’s lives and is very controlling and formative. An example of this would be the enormous amounts of money people spend on luxuries such as houses, or cars. The sociality and money today in moderation is very different in the sense that we have gained money but lost

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