How Is Fahrenheit 451 Relevant Today

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“Didn’t firemen prevent fires rather than start them up and get the going?” Guy Montag, the protagonist of the story Fahrenheit 451 asks fire chief Beatty. If firemen prevent fires today, what do they do in Fahrenheit 451’s society. This book is about a dystopian society, with a very different, but strangely similar, world to ours. Guy Montag is a fireman. A fireman that starts fires to burn books. In Fahrenheit 451 a fireman doesn’t save people from burning buildings, or try to save houses. They burn illegal books, which, so happens to be all books. This is one example of how this society is different than ours. The book even quotes, “It was a pleasure to burn (books).” On the contrary, books today are highly valued and loved all over the…show more content…
Instead of enjoying a nice day outside, or spending time with family, most people in this world have different technology, which is addicting. This new tech are called ‘Seashells’. Seashells are inserted into somebody 's ears so they can listen to a ‘show’. These shows are playing a reality tv show, all day. In some ways, this technology is similar to ours, seashells are a bit like Bluetooth speakers, and our society does have reality tv shows, that, in some cases, can be addicting. Montag even tries talking to his wife, when she’s listening to her Seashell, but but only receives a response similar to a teenager’s when they’re on their phone. Another difference are the cars. Our cars have safety precautions and speed limits. On the other hand, so does Fahrenheit 451. But instead of a speed limit of 65 mph or 70 mph, we find out the minimum and the maximum, when Montag tries talking to his wife while she’s driving. “Go at least 55 mph, the minimum!” Instead, Millie, Montag’s wife, goes the maximum, 150 mph. Cars go so fast, that all they see out the window are blurs, and beautiful scenery. As Clarisse, Montags’s neighbor, said, “Green blur? Grass, a driver might presume. Pink blur? A rose garden. White blurs are houses. Brown blurs are
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