Family Tradition Essay

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Family has changed in the United States since the turn of the twentieth century. Family values and tradition always contradicted how a family was bind. There have been changes to what a family is dependent on. The traditional family has been shaped into many new forms. Divorce rates are at an all-time high to then getting remarried. Same sex couples and single parents are families now since these changes have occurred in the last fifty years. These foundations of what unite family is by blood or how to become family one does not have to be the same blood. As long as one is with family then that person is in the right place. The personal aspect of family connecting one another, affects everyone. We are a large closely realted family integrated with a non-blood family. We are one big crazy family who takes anyone in. Compared to over fifty years ago it was just really blood related member who were considered family, but we now have a mixture of everything. My parents have many friends who are considered like aunts or uncles. We are close and we do many get togethers. One tradition my family has…show more content…
Gary Shteyngart in his essay "Sixty-Nine Cents", Shteyngart talks about coming to America with his Russian family and trying to assimilate to American culture. His parents do not want to assimilate, but he does. When they are traveling to Florida, his family wants to go to Disney World to see what the state claims on the commercial's. When Steyngart wants to do something like not wearing the same clothes or trying to become an American, but his parents do not agree (Shteyngart). In the essay he wrote "the silver coins stayed in my pocket, the anger burrowed and expended into some future ulcer" (Shteyngart 55). What he learns from the experience is that even though he wants to be a part of the new country he lives in. His parents want to stay together as family and eat to the same tradition as they always
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