How Is Feminism Portrayed In The Yellow Wallpaper

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Feminism Portrayed in the Yellow Wallpaper
Feminism is the underpinning of men and women’s equality rights to opportunities; politically, economically and socially in the society. Gilman’s selection of the title, “The Yellow Wallpaper” tries to outline the disparities in achieving feminism’s anticipated order (Cutter 159). The study story is about an anonymous female character that has undergone various treatments that are contrary to Feminism, and how she finally gets out of the traps of men chauvinism. The narrator and her physician husband, John, demonstrate the feminism traits in width and depth. The narrator follows, almost, all of her husband’s instruction and at the end her situation worsens and she becomes insane (Cutter 175). Gilman uses the story to disapprove of the manifestation of men’s chauvinistic principles and dogma during the 19th Century especially in
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Despite John being considerate, caring and feeling sorry for his wife’s illness, he dominates over her both physically and psychologically (AndrewM). He incarcerates her due to his pervasive torment. For instance, the narrator is coerced to stay in the nursery regardless of her will. The prison’s windows are barred while the wallpaper torturing her, but she cannot voice her choking experience and whenever, she tries the husband reproaches her (AndrewM). Despite her preference for the house downstairs, her husband demands her to stay in the nursery, and all her views are shuttered. Her frustrations are evident when she says “what is one to do?” (Gilman, Perkins, & Shulman 648). In fact, it is not only her husband John who oppresses her but her brother, one of the physicians attending her as well. The brother approves all that John does to his sister in providing support for her
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