How Is Frankenstein Similar To Prometheus

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Elana Sargent
Instructor Toni J. Weeden
Honors Senior English
7 November 2017
Prometheus Versus Frankenstein In the novel “Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus” by Mary Shelley, many underlying references connect straight back to a story from Greek Mythology about the original Prometheus. The main character, Victor Frankenstein, possesses many qualities that can also be found in this Greek Titan. Shelley added this subtitle in order for readers to understand that her main character was most likely created with Prometheus in mind, as she gave Frankenstein the same intellectual and rebellious mannerisms as the Titan. She used this titling to show that her character is the modern version of Prometheus and shares many similarities to him. By adding the subtitle, “The Modern Prometheus”, Shelley is able to give more depth and and background to Frankenstein and provide insight to why he is so similar to the titan by his creation of life, ambition to be viewed as Godlike, and severe punishment that came from his own actions.
Prometheus was a Titan in ancient Greek Mythology. He was given the task from Zeus to create all living creatures, from birds to tigers, and ultimately humans, which he made out of clay in
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Like Prometheus, Frankenstein builds his own own original creature. Though Prometheus makes many humans and Victor only makes one, their similar acts of inventing life provide an obvious connection between the two. In an article from BritLit by Samantha Elmendorf, she states the origin of Shelley’s titling, “The subtitle functions as an appositive to the primary title; Shelley likens Frankenstein to the classical father of mankind. The most obvious correlation is that both figures forms a living being out of lifeless material.” This describes part of the reasoning behind the title, as Shelley sees her character bringing a being to life just as Prometheus
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