How Is G-Calpurnia A Good Mother Figure In To Kill A Mockingbird

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I am reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, and I am on page 207. Thus far this book is about Scout and her family which consist sof her brother, Jem, and her father, Atticus. During this time Scout’s Aunt Alexandra comes to live with them, but Aunt Alexandra has issues with the way they live and their house keeper, Calpurnia. If having Aunt Alexandra in the house was not enough, Scout’s life is about to be further turned upside down due to a court case Atticus is taking. Many of the towns people are not happy about Atticus taking the case, and Scout becomes a witness to the disruptions that result. In this journal I will be evaluating and questioning. G- Calpurnia is a better mother figure than Aunt Alexandra. Y- Calpurnia is…show more content…
This shows a lesson in compassion which is another reason why she is a good mother figure for the kids. Another example of her thoughtfulness is when she purposely talks different in church. Since the members of Calpurnia’s church are not properly educated she does not want them to feel subordinate. She talks in a way that is normal to the members. One more reason Calpurnia is a better mother figure is because she brings Jem and Scout up just a little harder than a mother would. Atticus says to Aunt Alexandra, “she’s never let them get away with anything, she’s never indulged them the way most colored nurses do. She tried to bring them up according to her lights, and Cal’s lights are pretty good” (Lee 183). This statement shows that by not letting them get away with anything she is trying to help form them into contributing members of society. This statement also shows Atticus’s trust in her raising his kids right, which is another reason why she is a good mother figure. Compared to Calpurnia, Aunt Alexandra is not a good mother figure. For one, she thinks very little of Scout’s way of dress and mannerisms. Scout states at one point, “It was plain…show more content…
My first question is, why did the mob leave? One possible answer is, Scout guilts Mr. Cunningham and the mob into leaving. She does this by striking up a conversation with Mr. Cunnigham, asking about his entailment and such, but what I think really hit home was when she asked Mr. Cunningham about Walter. Considering Mr. Cunningham has a son Scout’s age, I believe he was thinking from a father’s point of view, and did not want anything to happen to Atticus that could affect the kids. Another reason could be that there were children present. One of the mob members says “All right, Mr. Finch, get ‘em outa here” (Lee 204). Some other mob memebrs had similar reactions. My second question is, why does Jem stand up to Atticus? One reason could be he feared for Atticus. Jem may have thought if he left, the mob may continue to carry out their original plan. The men wanted the kids to leave for a reason and Jem was smart enough to realize it, so he does not budge. Another reason Jem stood up to Atticus may have been because Jem is going through some changes. Jem had been moody lately and started to act older. Jem might have been in a mood and was mad Atticus would put his life on the line, so he acted defiant in response. Those were my two questions and possible answers to
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