To Kill A Mockingbird Racial Discrimination Analysis

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In the novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee there is an abundance of discrimination against race as well as social and gender discrimination. The main character Scout is judged for being a tomboy, while Walter is discriminated for being a part of the “Lower class” in Maycomb. In general, any type of discrimination can cause alienation, anger and hurt. No one should be valued by their race, salary,gender or education. Even though Walter is not a key player in the the novel, his character still faces discrimination,he is discriminated against because of his family's social class. He is looked down upon by Scout, because he pours molasses all over his lunch, while visiting the Finch's home. Scout rudely asks him why he poured molasses all over his food. When Calpurnia speaks to Scout about it, Scout says “He ain’t company, Cal, he’s just a Cunningham” (Lee ,13). Scout…show more content…
It makes no difference who is doing the discrimination and who is being discriminated against it is wrong. Discrimination is mean and makes people feel bad. It could be Scout’s opinion of Walter and his family or Aunt Alexandra’s opinion of how Scout should be, because she is a girl. Just as discrimination took place in the novel, “ To Kill a Mockingbird” , it exists in our society today. We still look down on people because of their habits and their finances. In the novel the characters opinions of one another did change. Scout learned to become friends with Walter once she realized that there differences did not make him any less of a person, his family was nice people and they all were people. Scout also learned that Aunt Alexandra just wants the best for her and she truly cares about her. Both of the characters problems with discrimination were solved at the end, that truly shows with a little help and understanding we could slowly teach people about discrimination, and how it is
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