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Being a human is very unique. The television show Grey's Anatomy is a great example of human experiences. Some of these examples include life and deaths, emotions, and personal growth. The show is a perfect example of for those three things. These examples happen to everyone and each person goes through them at one point in their life. Everybody can experience and go through emotions or personal growth for different reasons at different times. No one has the exact same life as another. Life and death are is part of human life. You are born, you grow up, you get old, and you die. It does not always happen in that order, meaning you do not always pass at an old age. In Grey’s some of the characters get into a plane crash in a forest. Things like this do not only ever happen in shows, but real life too. Bad things can happen any second and can change your life forever. Humans can get into a plane crash the same way the characters did in Grey’s Anatomy. The beautiful part about life is you never know what is going to happen tomorrow, or the next day. Another very important thing that each human has and feels are emotions. Emotions are your feelings towards…show more content…
Personal growth can continue to happen for years. It can be inner and outer change that can be considered personal growth. Personal growth can include moving, or adding someone too you family, getting a pet, or just growing and maturing as a person. In Grey’s Meredith grows a lot through a year. Her husband passed, Meredith moved out of the house they built, she had another baby, moved away, and had no contact with her friends or family. She went back eventually, but grew as a person a lot. Her kids also grew up a lot and were older when they came back. Also she moved back into her old house with her sisters and children. Many people go through this. Maybe something bad happens so you take from everything and come back a new, better

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