Survival Vs Group Survival Essay

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When playing a team sport, the whole team needs to work together to get the win, a person can not do it individually without the team. A disaster situation is very similar, the goal is for the majority of people to survive. In that case grouping together is more effective than working alone. When people are able to team up and all work toward the same goal, it is more likely that that group gets to that goal in opposition to someone working unassisted. In the book 102 Minutes the authors Jim Dwyer and Kevin Flynn give examples of how group survival benefited those affected by the attack on the twin towers on 9/11. Group survival is more effective than individual survival because more people means more knowledge, more resources, more abilities are brought to said group, and the survival ratio is higher. First of all, when people group together more…show more content…
In 102 Minutes, a man by the name Will Jimeno was trapped under a pile of rubble, but because the firefighters and police officers teamed up and saved his life. Each one of the firefighters and police officers brought their resources and abilities to that group and saved a man 's life. (Dwyer and Flynn 260). Each person has a set of natural abilities, “within any group you’ll probably have varying skill sets for each of the members – ranging from medical and dental professionals, to mechanics and carpenters, to hunters and farmers, to military and police – which would be the first benefit for all banding together” (Bull). Each person can bring their abilities and resources to benefit the group. “when the knowledge and skill required is of a very high order, then specialists are essential” (Douglas 125). A singular individual is not capable of having all the resources and abilities to guarantee survival. When people group up then more resources and abilities are brought to the group and increase the chances of
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