How Is Hector A Hero In The Iliad

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The Greek God’s of the Iliad fight with each other and argue like humans, and most often we cannot be sure that they truly have the human’s best interest in their hearts. In fact, humans very often come across as more noble than the Gods. For example, Prince Hector is the hero to the Trojan army. An example of this would be when Lycaon’s son, Pandarus states in book five that “he marched the Trojans hard to lovely town of Troy, to please Prince Hector.” Indeed, Hector is the ideal hero, even compared to Achilles or the Gods. He is a man of compassion, bravery, and virtue. As prince, he fully grasps his social responsibilities under the rigid rules of the heroic code. In contrast, Zeus often lets men die on a whim or to keep peace

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