How Is Henry Shown In The Red Badge Of Courage

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In the book Red Badge of Courage, by Stephen Crane. The main character, Henry, has recently enlisted in the Union Army and during his second engagement flees from the battle. The thought of desertion has been a recent dilemma in the mind of young Henry, and he wasn 't sure if that when the time of battle came if he would stay and fight, or desert the battle. When the time comes the regiment Henry is in is told to hold the enemy forces back, and Henry displays courage during the first battle. But as they celebrate, more confederate troops come and a second battle ensues, from which Henry flees from. During the march before the battle, Henry feared that he would run away from battle. And after being told by soldiers he wanted reassurance from that the others would do their fighting he felt more alone. On the march he was afraid that his regiment would be ambushed, but they made it unscathed. During the first battle Henry was ready along his fellow troops for the confederate attackers and didn 't…show more content…
While the regiment managed to fend off another attack, they may have lost soldiers. Henry worried for himself above all and worried that whether if he stayed or not he would still die, regardless of the result of the battle. After the adrenaline rush of the first attack Henry came to his senses and feared for his life, knowing full well his chances of surviving another attack would be low. Especially now that he was caught off guard and was more scared than the first battle. Despite knowing his regiment might survive he was sure he wouldn 't and ran away to save his own life. The thought of desertion has been a dilemma for young Henry, and been plaguing the entire march. After an adrenaline rush of a first battle he came to senses and ran away, doing the action that had been plaguing his mind. Giving into his fear, and deserting his comrades whether they might live or die without him. In the end Henry ran. Taking with him his fear, and leaving behind a character of
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