How Is Jack Portrayed In Lord Of The Flies

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In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, a group of young boys are trapped on an isolated island. There is no adults and the children are allow to do whatever they want to do. As the story progresses, it shows how the children became less human as time went by. At first, they were just normal, little boys. After a few years have gone past, the boys are very different than they were in the beginning. Boys are animals, or perhaps beasts would be more accurate. When the boys came crashing into the island, they didn’t really know what to do. There were no adults to tell them what to do. One of the boys, Ralph, became leader in order to keep the boys together like how an adult would do to childrens. When they boys are hungry, Ralph and two other boys, Jack and Simon, goes out hunting for food. They all see a pig tangled in vines and decides to try to hunt it. But when Jack is about to stab the pig, “ There came a pause... the…show more content…
This is when they are starting to become less human and more animal-like. For example, when Jack tracks a pig through a forest, he displays non-human traits, such as crouching “dog-like...on all fours”(p 48). He acts like a dog because he sniffs the ground and stares at the woods. Jack is turning into an animal as shown by his sandy, long hair, his tanned skin, his tattered shorts, and his “nearly mad” eyes. After he caught his first pigs with his hunters, Jack shows Ralph his hunt. While talking to Ralph, “He noticed blood on his hands and grimaced distastefully, looked for something on which to clean them, then wiped them on his shorts”(p 69). Even though Jack is starting to become more animal-like, he still shows that he is still human and is not used to killing animals. However, the longer they boys live on the island, the more they become animals and less human. Then they will move on from killing animals to killing their human
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