How Is Janie Presented In Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Their Eyes Were Watching God Character Analysis In Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neal Hurston Janie finds herself in two marriages; One that was chosen for her and one that she chose herself. Both of husbands contrast the other. Although neither of her marriages were very successful. Despite Janie’s desire to marry her true love she is unsuccessful in finding a suitable husband. In the beginning of the novel Janie has been arranged to marry a man thirty years older than her, Logan Killicks, by Nanny. Nanny arranges to marry the two because of her and Logan’s similarity in values. Most of the information presented about Logan Killicks is unpleasant. He is old and ugly compared to a youthful, beautiful Janie. He shows Janie little affection in the beginning of the marriage…show more content…
Jody values Janie as a trophy wife. Leadership and dignity cause Joe to neglect Janie. This neglect is evident at the earliest stages of their relationship. When Joe and Janie are newlyweds traveling to Eatonville, Joe’s ambitions drive him. Unlike Logan killicks, Joe does not “make many speeches with rhymes to [Janie]” (Ch 5 pp. 42). Instead of paying attention to Janie he is too busy piecing together his ideas for the town of eatonville. Janie soon realizes that Joe is more involved with his role in the town than in her. Janie becomes unhappy because she feels as of Jody is too consumed in his work to spend time with her. Jody tries to control Janie giving them a type of master servant relationship. He treats Janie like his object rather than a person. He isolates Janie from the townspeople out of jealousy claiming "He didn't want her talking after such trashy people” (CH 6 pp. 65). Because Joe values his status and money, He has plans of making Janie nothing more than his trophy wife. Joe’s efforts to restrict Janie and the way he treated her like an object caused their relationship
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