How Is Japanese Internment Justified

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Roosevelt 's actions were not justified because many of the Japanese Americans were nonviolent. Many of these Japanese people lost their businesses, homes, and income just because of the idea they were terrorists. Roosevelt believed there were hundreds of Japanese spies in the United States which affected his decision to send the Japanese to internment camps. In reality many of the Japanese had done a lot for the American community. They lived their lives exactly the same and had nothing to do with Japanese violence.
In the beginning Americans believed there were many spies in the United States and you couldn’t tell who was good and who was bad. They were afraid Japan would gain great knowledge about America and attack, so they decided to confine all Japanese Americans to internment camps. I don’t think this was enough information to confine the Japanese because there wasn’t any proof they were spies. Roosevelt sent so many innocent lives to a prison. This caused many …show more content…

He believed there were a lot more spies in the United States than there actually were. By confining the Japanese the United States would be protected, and that was all that mattered. Many more people would be hurt if the Japanese gained enough information. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor which killed many Americans. People believed that since those innocent lives were killed, it was okay to confine innocent people to protect the country.
This information about how much the Japanese were harmed makes me believe Roosevelt wasn’t justified. He harmed so many people at once, and there is no proof that is did anything. The Japanese lost everything during this time, and most of them were innocent and had nothing to do with Japan anymore. They were just of Japanese descendants. This is still a confusing conflict for many people though because no one knows if something could have happened without these

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