How Is Jay Gatsby Selfish

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Gatsby, otherwise known as Jay Gatz, was an unusual man- dressed up in a pink suit and making his way to the top (seemingly) like it was nothing. We could talk about how unusual Gatsby’s tendencies and personality was for days, as it’s quite the controversial topic. But instead, we’ll touch upon Fitzgerald 's choices in The Great Gatsby that helped make Gatsby into the character he was. One of the major choices was Fitzgerald’s emphasis on aging and decaying, which helped show that while the world aged and changed, Jay Gatz didn’t. Before reading the evidence provided, someone may claim that Jay Gatsby is a professional adult and good conversationalist with his guest and friends. During the conversation Nick has with Gatsby near the beginning…show more content…
Finally, a bit later into the book, we get more on Gatsby’s weird way of thought. Through the quote, “After she had obliterated four years with that sentence they could decide-”, we see Gatsby not really having a grip on reality. He thinks he hasn’t aged (or changed with age) and nothing has happened between those four years that would be significant enough to change Daisy. One month can change someone, so thinking Daisy would be the same person and in love with him is just something a child would think. He goes on to further confirm his childish thought process by saying, almost like a kid who hasn’t gotten their way, “‘Can’t repeat the past?’ he cried incredulously. ‘Why of course you can!’”. Fitzgerald makes really obvious that things have changed, yet Gatsby is oblivious to it. Gatsby has aged in physical features, but definitely not in mind. Throughout the The Great Gatsby the author, Fitzgerald, uses aging and decaying to show Gatsby’s odd way of thinking. In the text we can clearly see many times in which Fitzgerald does so, and further influences the reader’s view of Jay Gatz. By the end of the book, we can conclude Gatsby thinks in a childish and unusual manner because way the Fitzgerald includes aging and
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