How Is John Proctor Guilty In The Crucible

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John Proctor cannot see the truth because of his closed-mindedness. An example is when everyone is accusing Elizabeth of witchcraft, John asks, “Is the accuser always holy?” Cheever and Herrick went to Proctor's house to take Elizabeth after they accuse her of witchcraft, and Hale affirms, “This warrant's vengeance! I'll not give my wife to vengeance!” (860) Herrick and Cheever claim to have a warrant, but John does not want them to take her. Finally, Elizabeth says she will go with them and John gives up his fight. In John proctor’s mind, the source of the witch trials is the vengeance caused by Abigail Williams. While Abigail is guilty for the hangings of innocent people, John is guilty of that as well. Johns’s adultery is the cause of the
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