How Is Julius Caesar A Hero Or A Villain

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Was Julius Caesar a hero or a villain? Was he greedy for land and money or was he just trying to help the Roman Empire? I believe Julius Caesar was a hero and a reformer because of all the astonishing things he did to help the citizens of the Roman Empire. First of all, Julius Caesar was an unbelievable military leader and emperor. By conquering most, if not all, the Mediterranean Sea basin, he strengthened and expanded the empire. He conquered all that land for farming to feed all the citizens in his empire. He won his soldier’s affection by displaying his incredible leadership and strategies used on and off the battlefield. After conquering a territory, he treated his defeated enemies with a large respect by offering them to join and serve in their government and military. After Julius Caesar’s time as the emperor, Roman was the biggest empire in the Mediterranean Sea basin. Julius Caesar made the Roman Empire the vast republic everyone remembers. Furthermore, Julius Caesar always wanted to help out the underprivileged people who lived in his empire. He started job aid programs to help out poor families who were barely getting by. He drained marshes for more arable farmland thus…show more content…
Many years after the Punic Wars were over, Julius Caesar ordered for the cities of Carthage and Corinth to be rebuilt. Now Carthage is one of the most famous trade centers in the world. He ended the rule of corrupt emperors by taking the throne, being the best emperor Rome ever had, and being appointed as dictator for life. He enlarged the Senate allowing the people to have as much representation in the government as possible. In an article, it states that Caesar attempted to fix local governments making them work smoothly. Julius Caesar had many efforts to restore the
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