How Is Julius Caesar Able To Conquer Rome

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The Roman Empire was created in the year 31 BCE after Julius Caesar, the first emperor of Rome, fought against Pompey over Rome. Caesar was able to defeat Pompey, resulting in the ending of the corrupt Roman Republic. According to Virgil, a famous poet, The Romans were chosen to conquer the world, “Remember, Roman, you whose power rules/ all peoples, that these are your arts: plant peace/ make law, spare subjects, and put down the proud” The Roman Empire was able to conquer the world by becoming the first civilization that was able to unite people and cultures by taking over others land for the sake of the society. This was seen it at the beginning of the Roman Empire when Caesar used his army to take over Gaul and incorporating its resources into the Roman Empire. Some of the land that Rome was able…show more content…
This was seen during the Punic Wars when Rome was able to defeat Carthage. It was able to defeat Carthage because unlike Rome it did not have a strong standing army. It was important for Rome to be able to defeat Carthage because not only did they conquer new land, reach new people, but also gained more resources for trade therefore, making their wealth prosper. The military also helped when choosing a new leader that would make changes for the empire. If it wasn’t for Julius Caesar army he wouldn’t have been able to take over Rome and implement better social and political reforms for the empire. Some of the political and social reforms created by Caesar consisted of ending the separation among people by providing them with citizenship, and bringing in all the needed resources such as food, other natural resources, and water. These reforms also contributed to the overall success of the empire. Nevertheless the military was an essential tool needed by the Roman Empire in order of dealing with any situation that might have disturbed the structure of the
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