How Is Julius Caesar Justified

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The Ides Of March: A Mercy to the World Gaius Julius Caesar is arguably one of the most influential people in human history. As a leader of the mighty Roman Empire, he changed the face of the western hemisphere forever. Despite his incredible influence, Caesar had accumulated many enemies and in the year 44 BCE, several members of the Roman senate stabbed him to death (“The Ides of March: Julius Caesar is Murdered” paragraph 3). After his death Caesar has become an endlessly controversial historical figure. The question is often raised as to if he was a beneficial entity and if his death had merit. Despite Caesar's success in overhauling many facets of the Roman Empire, his assassination was absolutely justified due to his brutal acts in war, conquest of Europe, and the creation of a despotic authoritarian regime. Caesar, in spite of his reputation as an exceptional leader of the ancient world was…show more content…
His expansion of the Roman Empire resulted in the deaths of thousands of indigenous tribesman. and furthermore trampled on their rights turning them into puppets of his empire (“Julius Caesar Biography” Paragraph 15). As well as crushing the liberties of innumerable small nations his own citizens were not spared. Caesar's so called improvements to the Roman Empire were only completed because he removed the previously established democracy in favor of his own authoritarian dictatorship which sacrificed rights for pseudo efficiency (“Julius Caesar Biography” Paragraph 21). Because of his violently unethical battle tactics, blatant disregard for the rights of citizen, and swift merciless subjugation of European nations, his execution was fully warranted. This act surely prevented the inevitable bloodshed and chaos that would ensue if Caesar were allowed to live any
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