How Is Lady Macbeth A Multifaceted Character

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Lady Macbeth is a multifaceted character because she displays evil tendencies while still maintain many of her other qualities such as ambition and goodwill. Even when her character seems evil the the good aspects of her character are still apparent Shakespeare shows his intent of the charter lady Macbeth to be a multifaceted character when she could nit go through with the murder of King Duncan but instead asks her husband Macbeth to do it. This shows that Lady Macbeth that Macbeth was not added into the play to serve as a solely evil character but instead a multifaceted character. Lady Macbeth is portrayed as a loving wife in the play an till she wants king Duncan to die and can not go through with it herself .She then proceeds to ask Macbeth but when he says he does not want to do it. She begins to insult his manhood by telling him words and phrases such as coward and “screw your courage to the sticking place and we will not fail”. This shows that she does a have loving side to her as well as evil side that will do almost anything to achieve what she wants. When lady Macbeth discovers the dead guards she faints. This could have been for two reasons. Ether…show more content…
This is apparent when Lady Macbeth revels that herself and Macbeth were the sole reason for the death of King Duncan to the Castle servants. Lady Macbeth does this while sleep talking; a side effect of extreme guilt is revealing the thing that is making you feel guilt in your sleep. While in this sleeping state Macbeth also wash her hands as she did in the beginning of the play when she was trying to get the blood off her hands. This shows that Macbeth is not a born killer and suffered mental damage form the killings and thus further proves the point that her character is not solely evil

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