How Is Lady Macbeth Selfish

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Lady Macbeth very carefully selects specific manipulative words to persuade Macbeth into deceiving his peers and murdering Duncan. She displays a succinct plan on how the nights actions shall be carried out. Her first step is to convince Macbeth that the way he presents himself is how people will view him. Lady Macbeth achieves this by stating “Your face, my thane, is as a book as where men/ May read strange matters” (1.6). Lady Macbeth is saying that what Macbeth is expressing through the way he looks and acts is taken to be weird and abnormal. Macbeth’s allies would find it odd that he would want to kill Duncan because he is very loyal to him as far as they know. Although before Lady Macbeth has this conversation with MAcbeth he is a little…show more content…
As Lady Macbeth tells MAcbeth this is, she makes an educated decision to use the word “your”. The reason for this is because human nature is naturally selfish, therefore as Lady MAcbeth says “your” Macbeth assumes it is all about him and that he is strong, independant man you can handle the challenges that are arising. Lady Macbeth’s final lines put the icing on the cake for the murder of Duncan. She says, “ “Which shall to all our nights and days to come/ Give solely sovereign sway and masterdom” (Shakespeare 1.6). By this point Lady Macbeth has completely changed Macbeth's beliefs on the murder of Duncan all the while making him feel great about himself. As she says these final lines her key word is “our” because now she brings her whole speech a full circle. Lady Macbeth in the beginning was making everything about MAcbeth in order to make him feel good about himself and listen to her idea.Although, one can infer from just before this passage that MAcbeth had a kind,loving, and caring side to him. Therefore we wants this plan to work out not only for himself but also for his wife, because he wants a good life for her and cares about her. Evidently, Lady Macbeth was able to attack both Macbeth’s ego and his also his loving

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