How Is Liberty Related To The American Revolution

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Liberty has the definition of the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views. This means the right to be free in a country. America had trouble with finding how liberty can be a part of the country. The fight for liberty was difficult to obtain because America had the break from Great Britain, needed to build a country from scratch, and come together as a country. America was not always a free country. Great Britain owned the land and had thirteen colonies. The colonies were not always happy with Great Britain since they would often raise the taxes on necessities and told them what to do. This caused the American Revolution, which was the beginning of America’s fight for liberty. America fought and fought until Great Britain gave up, which led them to be a brand new country to the World. Liberty was one of the biggest priorities for America since they needed to be alone and grow. The American Revolution was birth, but now they needed to build the country. In order to build the country, America needed to write their rules and how they were going to run the…show more content…
In the start of the country, there was slavery all around, but especially in the South states. The North states did not love the idea of slavery so they had the right to ban it in their states. The right for states to have different laws was a part of their liberty, according to the Constitution. South states needed the slaves to work in their plantations and homes. There were many factors for the Civil War but the sole cause was slavery and how it affected everyone in the country. The North fought for the liberty of slaves while the South fought for their right to have slaves. Slavery was a sole issue that the Americans had between each other. After the Civil War ended, everyone had the right to liberty no matter what color skin someone
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