How Is Liesel Meminger Narrated By Death In The Book Thief

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The story of Liesel Meminger narrated by death
I did know that death sees humans but not colours and that he have his favourites too. What is it like to know someone and have so much in common with the person and also have a deep relationship with them in just a small amount of time.

The book thief is a novel written by Markus Zusak. The novel is about the story of Liesel Meminger and it’s narrated by death. The novel takes place in a fictional town of Molching, Germany near Munich in 1939 shortly before the second world war. Death starts at the beginning when Meminger was nine years old, when she was suffering from separating from her mom and the death of her brother.
Liesel Meminger moved to live with Hans and Rosa Hubermann who are her foster parents. They live in 33 Himmel street in Molching. When Liesel arrived she was made fun of in school because she
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He also daydream about boxing with Führer, but Hitler uses word to turn the crowd against him.
Rosa, Liesel’s foster mom who washes people’s clothes lost her job including for the mayor’s wife Ilsa Hermann. Meanwhile, Liesel and Rudy join a gang of thieves, who steal potatoes and apples from farmers.
Liesel Meminger and Max Vandenburg have a very good relationship, they are very close and very good friends. They both have nightmares and enjoys when Hans plays his accordion. Through the book they both have so much in common, like have nightmares and sharing it with each other and they kinda have the same behavior, it’s just that Max is older and Liesel is younger.
The friendship between Max and Liesel is very deep, they survive through tough times together, like being away from their families and had to go through a lot in the basement. Liesel was German but Max was a Jew. The both hate Führer and his Nazi
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