How Is Love Presented In Romeo And Juliet

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The theme of the scenes chosen is love and this theme is quite visible in the play due to the love at first sight concept shown by Romeo and Juliet. The scenes chosen are Act 1 Scene 5 due to the love at first sight concept in that scene between Romeo and Juliet showing how crazy love can change your mind and an instant. The second scene chosen is Act 2 Scene 5 when a fight is happening in the Capulet house hold because Juliet is refusing to marry the County Paris because she loves Romeo. The third scene is Act 5 Scene 3 when Romeo finds Juliet and presumes she is dead and wants to lay with her for eternity, this shows the true love between the two. These scenes go through Romeo and Juliet’s stages of love, showing Romeo and Juliet meeting and instantly being drawn to each other, also showing that they cannot be together due to the feud between the families. Death is also present in the scene’s chosen with the last scene showing that the death of Juliet made Romeo want to be with her forever and ever committing suicide next to her.…show more content…
For characters who don’t accept and aren’t open minded about the love between Romeo and Juliet will wear a black this is for characters like Lord Capulet and Lady Capulet. White shirts are for Romeo and Juliet showing the openness to the love between them and the innocence of them. Characters that are of two minds about the love will wear grey shirts showing the middle between black and white, this for characters like Friar Laurance and the nurse. The two families will wear different items of clothing, the Capulets will wear a jumper around the waist and the Montagues will wear a
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