How Is Love Stronger In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet was a play written by William Shakespeare that shows the struggles of 2 people who fall in love but are struggling to keep there love together because there families don't get along with eachother.In William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” Love is shown to be stronger than hate because through all there hate of there 2 families rivalries they still fell in love, even though Romeo killed one of Juliet's cousins juliet didn’t feel anything for her cousin she only wanted to be with Romeo since he was banished, and for the last reason is at the end of the play Juliet and Romeo kill themselves because they loved each other and they didn't want to spend any of there time away from each other.
One way love is shown to be stronger
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Even though Romeo killed one of Juliet's cousins Juliet didn't get phased by it she still loved Romeo as much as she did from before but she was sad that Romeo was banished from Verona never able to come back again unless he wanted to get killed.In Act 3 Scene 2 , Juliet says “ O, find him! Give him this ring to my true knight and bid him to take his last farewell.” Based on that quote Juliet doesn't hate Romeo she overcame him killing her cousin because her love for Romeo overpowered all the hate.It is evident from this scene that love is shown to be stronger than hate because instead of hating Romeo for killing Tybalt she loved him because she was scared for there marriage because Romeo was banished so they wouldn't be able to spend the time that there married together. Also
Juliet didn’t even like Tybalt she thought it was good that Romeo killed him because she thought that if Tybalt knew that Juliet married Romeo then Tybalt would have killed him.It is clear from the scene where Romeo killed Tybalt Juliet still loved Romeo with all her heart that love is stronger than hate, but another way Shakespeare shows the audience that love is stronger than hate is when Romeo and Juliet both kill themselves because they both couldn’t spend no more time away from each other so they did the
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