How Is Mahatma Gandhi's Anti-Colonialist Struggle?

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Comparison of anti-colonialist struggles

In this article, I would like to analyze the history of anti-colonialist struggles in Africa and India by viewing ideas of Concerning Violence by Franz Fanon and Gandhi’s Non-violent power in Actions. Both Franz Fanon and Mahatma Gandhi were great philosophers and revolutionary writers. Their intellectual works were influential in leading anti-colonial revolution, political freedom and human right movement. Their insightful thoughts finally inspired their colonized countrymen to fight for decolonization and independence. Though their philosophies positively impacted anti-colonialism movement, they were not the same in terms of employing violence. I will illustrate my opinions by first reviewing their meaningful thoughts and then comparing them in my analysis.
Mahatma Gandhi was the prominent hero of Indian Independence. Reflecting the history of
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Gandhi believed that hurting people was not necessary to achieve a satisfactory outcome. The abuse of immoral approach, such as violence and discrimination to Gandhi was of no use to protest British colonizers. Gandhi’s nonviolence disobedience derived from Indian spiritual and religious environment. Abstaining violence was a useful means to change the society and political conditions in Gandhi’s practice and rejecting the use of war was applied as an alternative to armed struggle against oppression. Gandhi advocated his philosophy of nonviolence in their “Britain Quits” campaign and it took in different forms such as mindful persuasion, noncooperation education and adoption of interventions in economical, social and political fields. After decades of civil disobedience and violence resistance, Gandhi eventually achieved the peaceful independence of India and avoided wounds of people’s lives. His nonviolence was not a passive movement but a noble spiritual and philosophical

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