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The Women Can women who lead very different lives be similar? Susan Glaspell explores the differences and similarities of two characters in her story “Trifles.” Written in 1916, Glaspell’s fictional story uses an unforeseen event to bring Mrs. Hale, a farmer’s wife, and Mrs. Peters, a sheriff’s wife, together. Although Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters have their differences such as Mrs. Hale being outspoken, observant, and a leader, while Mrs. Peters is nervous and does not want to challenge authority, the women share some similarities such as being aware of male condescension and willing to keep information from male authorities if it means helping another woman. Throughout the story, Mrs. Hale can be described as outspoken. Outspoken means that a person is willing to voice his or her opinion regardless if it will be viewed as critical or controversial. The first time the reader really sees when Mrs. Hale is outspoken is when the county attorney mentions how dirty the dish towels are in Mrs. Wright’s house. The county attorney also says “not much of a housekeeper, would you…show more content…
Hale can be described as a leader which is a quality that Mrs. Peters does not possess. After discovering the dead bird, the women both decide to not inform the men of their discovery. When the men come back downstairs, the discover the empty birdcage. The county attorney asks the women if “ the bird has flown” (1119). Mrs. Hale quickly replies with “we think the—cat got it” (1119). Mrs. Hale shows her leadership quality by saying this. The women did not know that the county attorney would question them about the empty birdcage. They both know that the bird is dead inside the box, but Mrs. Hale lies to cover-up their secret. She takes the leadership role by coming up with a lie on the spot to conceal their secret. Mrs. Peters shorty follows with a comment to expand on the lie. Mrs. Peters is a follower in this situation. Mrs. Hale leads by being the first to respond to the county
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