How Is Napoleon Like Stalin In Animal Farm

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Animal Farm is a book about the Stalins and the way he had treated others. Orwell the author of Animal Farm wanted to let other people to understand what was happening to others without verifying who he was talking about. To do this he had to use animals to relate to humans. In the book Napoleon is like Stalin and Boxer is the hard workers that do not get much attention. In the book Animal Farm, the animals live and act like people in today's society. Napoleon was the only berkshire boar in the book Animal Farm he played a big role. He was a smart pig that knew almost how to play the game and get his way. Napoleon took nine cute little puppies from their parents and knew one on the farm knew what the reason was for. Until one day the nine grown mean looking dogs showed up at the farm and chased Snowball off the farm. “Death…show more content…
Napoleon taught the sheep some cheers and had them do some chanting at the public meetings. The sheep symbol the propaganda machine that Stalin set up as he came to power in Russia. Napoleon raised nine dogs to become his little private army. Stalin had the NKVD this was his secret and freaky little police group. The nine dogs made sure everyone respecting Napoleon. Benjamin is the oldest animal on the farm and had the worst mood. He seldom talked, and when he did, is was usually something negative. He usually talks like when he was growing up the world was perfect. In the book Animal Farm, the animals live and act like people in today's society. Orwell accomplished what he wanted after writing this book Stalin was a cruel individual and had powered other people to act like him. Just like Napoleon did with the nine dog, the sheep, and these animals particularly where Napoleon followers. Boxer was the opposite of them he was the people that know one cared about and who would work and fight till his death, like he did in the
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