Fear That Restrict Human's Life

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Human's life is inseparable connected with daily struggle to overcome various difficulties. Fear, one of the most basic emotion, is something natural and healthy. It could helps in many challenging situations, or even it could saves one's life. But, when fear is so intense, that it become overwhelming and devouring emotion, it may constrict human's life in many ways. In that case fear may turn into phobia, which is "an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something" (1). Twenty first century brings to human's life new and unexpected phobias, frequnetly connected with development of a new technology. Nonetheless, old fears are still live and affect many people.

Fear of the dark or, in more scientific way, nyctophobia is one of the most
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According to International Civil Aviation Organisation both domestic and international plane traffic will probably increas, which means number of the people who suffer from Aviophobia may be grown (5). Fear of flying is broad issue and it may concern a one-quarter of a human population (6). Aviophobia sometimes may be associated with other phobias like claustrophobia or acrophobia. "Claustrophobia is a fear of tight spaces while acrophobia is a fear of heights. Being on an aircraft such as an airplane or helicopter provide the perfect setting for these phobias take place." (6). Reason for such phobia is not only that mentioned above. Nowadays, threats like hijacking, act of a terrorism and plane crash are common fears. Also, phobia can be triggered by fear of not having control of a plane as well as to be unable to get out of the…show more content…
Impact of a mobile phone on a human's life is very noticeable. Checking news, e-mails, social media like twitter and instagram, updating status on Facebook, watching clips on video-sharing websites - mobile phones no longer just ensure calling to another person. For most of us it is hard to imagine life without smartphone. There is no surprise that one of the newest and still growing phobia is connected strictly with the new technology. This phobia is nomophobia, a fear of being without mobile phone. "The term is an abbreviation for “no-mobile-phone phobia,” which was coined during a 2010 study by the UK Post Office" (7). Nomophobia includes also fear of losing signal, running out of battery or to be missing out on social media, which may results in anxiety and unpleasantness. This phobia manifests in consistent having and using a mobile phone, even during shower, sleep or in intimacy situation. Survey provided by The Telegraph said that "[...] 42 per cent of people took their phones with them to the beach on holiday, while 28 per cent of people said they would check work emails while abroad. And one in five respondents admitted to checking their email in bed on a mobile device. A quarter of the 1,000 workers [...] said they would check texts and emails while on a dinner date, with women more likely to do so in men."

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