How Is Odysseus An Epic Hero

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Heroes have been a central amount part of our entertainment industry. One of the most famous examples of these is James Bond. Know as Agent 007, James Bond has captivated audiences for decades. Each new movie that comes out reinforces a similar theme across the entire series, which that James Bond is clearly an epic hero. An epic hero is defined as a character who embodies the ideals and morals of a certain society and goes on a quest or adventure. The idea of an epic hero is not a new one has many ancient authors included epic heroes in their works. Perhaps, the most famous on these epics is the Odyssey by Homer. In his novel, Homer creates an epic hero in the form of Odysseus, and shows it in three key ways. First by Odysseus' superior strength, second his wisdom, and lastly his courage. When first examining…show more content…
Often times, throughout his adventure he is offered a safe place on either Kalypso's island or at Kirke's paradise, but yet he has the courage to keep on fighting to reach Ithaca once again. Odysseus shows his courage as he rallies his crew to prepare to fight the Kyklops "and cheered my men along with battle talk/ to keep their courage up” (Homer 9. 406-409). After he courageously defeats the Kyklops, Odysseus must never give up on his fight to reach Ithaca once again. He pursues his goal even though he has failed before "and learned the mind of many distant men, / and weathered many bitter nights and days / in his deep heart at sea” (Homer 1. 6-9). By never giving up Odysseus is able to reach his home again and be reunited with his family. Odysseus is easily considered an epic hero because of his superior strength, wisdom, and courage. By demonstrating these ideals he is able to persevere through is great adventures. However, Unlike James Bond, he failed to have a series made about him, which shows that even that Odysseus should have had his drinks shaken not
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