How Is Odysseus Courageous

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Odysseus is not only courageous, but he’s also very determined like myself. When we set our sights on something we go and get it. Meanwhile, Odysseus is trying to return home he says to the Cyclops “... though [my] land lies far” (896). His meaning to that indicates that he’s determined to get home and see his love one at all costs. That’s just one of the ways he shows that he’s set his sights on getting home. Later on in the book nine, he’s in a difficult situation; the Cyclops and it’s eating all of his men. But, Odysseus is so determined to get home he gives the one-eyed beast a big bowl of wine. Odysseus thought to himself “ one turned away when cups of this came round” (899). Meaning that no turns away some good alcohol. Eventually
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