How Is Power Corrupted In The Tempest

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Power is often known to have a connotation of being what sets people apart due to its influence and impact. Power is also pronounced as being coveted, with the potential to be easily corrupted, however it can also be overcome by compassion and compromise. This desire can be seen within The Tempest, throughout the many aspects and characters within the storyline. The certain desire for power seems to be unchangeable despite the repercussions which are often derived from it. In the end power is known to have some weaknesses, since the compassion of the characters is what yields the best outcome for everyone. All of the traits of power are seen and displayed from Shakespeare's point of view in many aspects throughout The Tempest.
Shakespeare has many characters whom have power, yet they sometimes have to strive for
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Those seeking power will take risks and betray those close to them if it means that they will have power. Those who already have power must learn how to utilize their power without corrupting it, yet it can easily be corrupted without the intent of harming anyone. Those who intentionally corrupt power are the ones who are corrupted themselves; they often think of their own personal needs rather than the needs of others, and they will often compromise the happiness of their loved ones in order to get what they want. The strong desire for power is obvious within the entirety of the storyline, yet there are more repercussions associated with it than positive aspects. The inability for one to maintain their power in a correct way is one of the contributors to all of the negative actions and feelings within the book. Although some power can be good, such as the power of love, it can always be corrupted. Throughout this entire play, Shakespeare is able to make his point that power is more dangerous than it is useful; and it is often the source of many

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