How Is Romeo And Juliet Presented In The Scottish Play

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“The Scottish Play” or otherwise known as “Macbeth” is a play written by William Shakespeare. The reason for both of the titles is because of the superstitious theory that saying the word “Macbeth” inside a theater will cause bad luck. “The Scottish Play” is a tragic play that was written and performed in 1606. Although the play is William Shakespeare’s shortest tragedy, it has a very dramatic storyline of betrayal, death, and power.

The play includes many characters and scenes that bring the whole story to life. Some of the main characters in his play are Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, King Duncan, and Macduff. All of these characters have a role that have a huge impact on the storyline. The scenes throughout the story give uneasiness to the audience and make the reader feel scared and
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Both plays are tragedies and do not have a happy ending for the main characters. The main characters in both of the plays die in the end and do not get what they want.

“The Scottish Play” compares to “Romeo and Juliet” in many ways. In both plays it 's about couples who are fighting against an outside opponent and trying to achieve something they want. Also in both plays the endings are sad for the main characters but happy for the other background characters. In both plays they start out with the couples having what they want but in both plays there is a conflict that switches the happy ending to a tragic ending.

“The Scottish Play” is a very well written play that has a great theme and teaches a very important lesson. The theme of this play is that tearing others down to gain power can cause guilt and make yourself have less control and power. The theme is shown throughout the whole play and is a big part of what William Shakespeare was trying to convey to his audience. “The Scottish play” shows how ambition can damage a person and make them greedy for

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