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Reagan: The Most Influential Some people may think any of the 45 United States Presidents are corrupt politicians, that they are only trying to accomplish reelection or simply making them stand out in history. Although, there is one president who stood out amongst them all, who “was committed to absolute integrity. His trustworthiness was recognized by those he dealt with in Congress, in politics, and foreign leaders throughout the world” (Meese). That man is Ronald Reagan, aka. “The Great Communicator,” who, when listing the top presidents in American history, would be towards the top every time. As evident throughout his life, Ronald Reagan is indeed one of the most influential citizens of American history. For starters, Ronald Reagan was not only the most inspirational American in U.S. history, but he also lived the real American dream. He was the Average Joe born in the suburbs with a middle class family. It was then in his hometown of Dixon, Illinois that he learned, “the love and common sense of purpose that unites families and communities …show more content…

To be a good leader, one of the needed characteristics is to be a great communicator for the people. After and even during his two terms of the president, they gave Ronald Reagan the nickname, “The Great Communicator.” Reagan not only gave some of the most quotable speeches of any president, but he also pulled countries and the entire world closer together. A short sentence that best describes his actions would be, “(Reagan) had a way with people – especially in the political arena he had a great ability to pull people together, bring them to the side of peace and freedom and inspire them to encourage others to do the same. Reagan’s contagious enthusiasm and optimism for democracy was spreading, and he was recruiting allies in the cause of freedom everywhere he traveled or spoke” (Other Important Presidential

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