How Is Scout Finch Brave

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To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper lee tells the adventures of Scout Finch in a fictional town of Maycomb, set in the 1930’s. Since our narrator is a child we see a lot of innocent point of views, that reveal a lot of themes. one central theme that we can all see is, courage. From the kind hearted Made, to Atticus, even to the innocent Scout. all show, in some way courage. with Atticus being a single father, his children are in lack of a mother figure. Miss maudie fills that spot perfectly, but this is not where her courage comes from. her courage comes from her actions. For example, when her house burns she does complain, only says “Always wanted a smaller house, Jem finch. give me more yard. Just think, i'll have more room for my azaleas…show more content…
In the beginning of the book we can see Scout Finch’s first example of being courageous. With a new teacher Miss Caroline not knowing how things work in the school, it was up to Scout to tell her, even if it meant for her to get in trouble. “I rose graciously on Walter’s behalf: “Ah—Miss Caroline?What is it, Jean Louise?Miss Caroline, he’s a Cunningham.I sat back down.” (pg.26) With Atticus doing things that most people do not like, it was not uncommon for him to be endangered. When a mob surrounds Atticus it's up to his daughter to save him. “Jem shrieked and tried to catch me, but I had a lead on him and Dill. I pushed my way through dark smelly bodies and burst into the circle of light.” (pg.203) Scout knew that his father was in danger and not caring for herself she lunged through the crowd, but ultimately her small innocent presences was the thing that saved both of them. Most of Scout’s courage moment come her ignorance, even if she doesn't know the real danger, she knows what's right and wrong In To Kill a Mockingbird many people have many different traits but, in most of them they show courage.Courage comes in many different forms. it could be someone's kindness that brings the bravery out of them, to someones belief in justice, to even a little innocent girl, but in all forms one thing stays the same, being courageous is a choice not an
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